The Platform

FADO Go Platform Overview


FADO Go website will integrate APIs from the most selected merchants and retailers from G7 countries and popular social media platforms to bring users a variety of options.


FADO Go will have a mobile application for Android and IOS. This app will have similar functions just like the website. Customers can check out the flash deals or sale-off programs and buy products and services from FADO Go anytime, anywhere.

In line with industry trends, the mobile app is becoming the primary point of engagement for our users. The app is built on smart, omni-channel, open APIs, and modular architecture, comprising our technology framework. We will add pioneering technologies to continuously support our decentralized vision and improve cross-border shopping experience.


FADO Go customers will have their own wallet with many functions and benefits. The wallet is non-custodial, users will control their funds and their private key.

  • Speedy and cost-saving payment: connect their wallet with bank accounts and pay for FADO Go products and services without worrying about transactional fees. It only takes a few seconds for the payment to reach the FADO Go system. This will speed up the process of international buying and shipping time.

  • Receive and transfer tokens: Users can receive tokens from other customers and users or send tokens as gifts through their wallet.

  • Deposits/withdrawals: users can deposit and withdraw tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Staking for rewards: From the wallet, users can stake their tokens for attractive rewards.

  • Reward management: users can view all of reward history.

  • DeFi & NFT protocol integrations: Token holders can join in DeFi protocols & NFT marketplace.

  • Make online purchases with the wallet: users can simply search for products they want and place orders through the wallet as long as their wallet balance is enough to pay for orders. There will also be a small notification where users can make a deposit to their wallet in case they don't have enough funds. The wallet will have social built-in features that enable users to invite their contacts for social group buying or joining groups/communities in the app.

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