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Next Move Toward SocialFi Shopping & Cryptocurrency Revolution

Shopping To Earn

We build a marketplace for global shoppers to buy products from overseas. Our marketplace offers the most curated products from the US, Japan, Germany, the UK, and Australia. We will add more products from the rest of the countries in G7 alongside our marketplace expansion. Customers can view bargain deals, sale-off products, reviews and buy directly from any merchants on our marketplace in just one click. FADO Go will also partner with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) platforms to sell NFTs and enable the redemption of NFTs for physical assets and physical distributions. This allows enterprises, organizations, and customers to bridge the divide between digital decentralized technologies and the transfer and trade of physical goods.

We offer an end-to-end solution from payment to door-to-door shipping service for customers buying any items on their favorite shops. Customers are not required to open an account with us and only need to paste the product link on FADO Go Portal which will automatically quote prices (including taxes and customs fees) and place orders for customers. We provide a variety of methods of payment and shipping and have the ability to consolidate items from several brands into one package with high-grade quality inspection and shipping protection services. In addition, FADO Go’s shopping extension allows customers to shop on other e-commerce sites using our shopping cart, just as if they were shopping on our site itself. Customers simply install the extension to their web browser to add functionality, and it helps customers easily shop online from G7 sites even with blocked IP addresses, manage and track order effectively, research for promotion deals, and recharge customers’ accounts conveniently.

Dropping To Earn

We provide shipping service for overseas customers who conduct purchases directly on overseas shops and want to ship to international addresses. Even if foreign shops do not ship cross-border, we can provide them with an additional sales route without needing to alter their operations or extra expense. Basically, purchased items are shipped to the addresses, which are our company’s warehouses worldwide; then we ship these items from our warehouses to customers’ registered addresses overseas. We also offer a service where multiple purchases from various e-commerce sites can be bundled for delivery overseas in accordance with customer instructions.

Live Shopping To Earn

Live streaming e-commerce is promoting and selling goods through influencer streams on their own social media channels. Live streaming merges the advantages of online shopping with personalization and opportunities for interaction between brands, on-air personalities, and consumers - juiced by limited-time vouchers and deals - into a potent blend of commerce and entertainment. Customers will be able to hunt bargains during live stream sessions in other countries easily and seamlessly with FADO Go’s solution. We are utilizing more accessible technology into customer-facing internet applications and new online video technology to provide a sense of “shoptainment”, where hosts showcase products dynamically, interact with their audiences, and build urgency with short-term offers, giveaways, and limited-edition items. KOLs/influencers can form deeper customer connections and answer questions in real-time. For customers, they can acquire good deals from brands and seamlessly view, choose, and order a product while assessing the same based on reviews posted by other users. After purchases, FADO Go will handle the rest from payment, cross-border shipping, to last-mile delivery for customers.

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