Decentralized business model

At the beginning of building, we have always had the vision to decentralize aspects of our business from time to time and release more advanced decentralized functionality and use cases to our business model. There are not many proven examples for us to benchmark against and learn from best practices, so a fully decentralized global social e-commerce platform is new and experimental for us. Our approach will be to undertake incremental change with fine-tuning based on our experimental researches and trials on the right technologies and suitable programs that underpin a decentralized platform. At the same, we will build a powerful community of global customers, business partners, and advocates who strongly support our vision of decentralization.

Under a decentralized model, as the infrastructure is deployed on the blockchain, all data across the platform will remain immutable and impossible to hack, alter, or corrupt. By implementing smart contracts, trustless order execution will eliminate the role of the middle man, allowing shoppers to purchase directly with factories and a big share that was previously taken by intermediaries will be retained to the shoppers.

Through token issuance, our token FADO will not be limited to any geographic limitations and restrictions, acting as a universal utility token across FADO Go’s platform. Our global community will build up a fully decentralized network by having ownerships of FADO tokens in our ecosystem. Whilst, FADO Go will govern FADO token supply, incentives, and rewards as well develop the community and offer tools for security, trust mechanisms, user reputation, and dispute resolution alongside new platform developments. Furthermore, global shoppers and online businesses, anywhere in the world will be able to earn staking rewards and participate in our Exclusive FADO Membership.

Working toward a complete decentralization, we will energize decentralized reviews, decentralized referral systems, and decentralized governance to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for FADO Go. We will lead the way in creating a new review technology that incentivizes users to write thoughtful reviews and allows them to be rewarded by releasing reviews. For referrals, we will enhance the transparency of the payout system and pay affiliates commissions earned through cross-border transactions using cryptocurrencies, taking advantage of reduced transaction fees. For our governance token holders, we will give them the right to vote on select governance issues that empower them and protect their benefits. FGT holders could propose for marketing, developments, new reward programs, or anything else that is relevant and beneficial for the entire community. The primary edge of decentralized governance or policing mechanism is that it engages the community and builds loyalty During the initial phase, FADO Go will be the decision-maker until our community forms a strong user base. As we believe a DAO is people, in the long run, we will work hard to develop a flat and fully democratized organization where services are handled automatically in a decentralized manner while decisions are governed by proposals and voting to ensure everyone in the community has a voice.

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