Real-time online shopping with micro-influencers, live selling & international shipping

The latest trend within the e-commerce industry is real-time online shopping, where influencers can document their interactions with different products instantly, while also providing users with the ability to seamlessly purchase the featured products for themselves. Companies are turning to live streaming as a way to promote new product launches and sales events through influencers. Live stream influencers have a specific set of skills that allow them to sell to their audience and invoke a sense of fear of missing out in real-time, driving immediate action. The real-time nature of interacting with an influencer during a live stream will create a deeper connection with audiences and a unique shared excitement.

As cross-border e-commerce, FADO Go will ensure integrated logistics and real-time order tracking solutions to keep delivery reliable, fast, to the right location, at the best price as well as ensure full visibility over deliveries and package status. E-commerce companies working with Fado's international logistics service will have an effective way to cut through trade barriers and speed the flow of products to their customers. Besides, our own warehouse & logistics system worldwide allow us to combat geo-blocking by integrating via API connections with the top e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, manufacturers, vendors, freight forwarders, and customs offices to offer direct quotes, smart delivery options, and payment gateways all at checkout for online buyers and merchants. The end-consumers will be able to save up to 80% compared to standard delivery prices, and will also have an easy, simple return solution available. Unlike almost all online retailers that rely heavily on third-party shipping carriers to fulfill orders, FADO Go owns the last-mile delivery to the customer’s doorstep to provide a smooth parcel journey and satisfy customers in every target market all over the world. We will implement blockchain-based track & trace features across supply chains to take advantage of real-time visibility about parcels in transit, keeping records of geographic waypoints and sending automated notifications to customers, proactive handling of delivery-related issues, real-time monitoring outbound parcels across carriers, services, and geographical locations on a unified dashboard, and real-time alerts about delivery expectations, parcel delays before customer impact. We further utilize distributed ledgers to harmonize cross-border transaction data with customs standards for better security standards of products and information flow and cut the time costs for classifications and VAT & import duty calculations. Additionally, AI and ML can be applied to automatically identify and classify products based on descriptions and multimedia information posted on e-commerce platforms. The classification process can be certified and recorded using distributed ledgers so that related parties can access and verify classified products. More accurate product classification for cross-border e-commerce could expedite the customs clearance process by avoiding unnecessary non-compliance which can cause delays. Technology enhancement could further enrich data, reduce labor costs, decrease fraud rates as well as create economic efficiency.

E-commerce platforms and marketplaces are sitting on top of a rich and vast amount of data created by multiple stakeholders, including product data uploaded by sellers such as product descriptions, specifications, and pictures, as well as customer comments, questions/answers regarding the products. An integrated environment (AI/ML plus distributed network of e-commerce product data sources) can be applied to match product listing with detailed product information - big e-commerce data. This is extremely useful to detect illicit activities, prevent bad sellers, dangerous and/or counterfeit products. Blockchain can provide trustworthy and certified information on the product life cycle stages which drives engagement, loyalty, and differentiation for brands and retailers. Customers can buy a product for its authentic stories and values, not just for its label. Each purchase will be the best value for money as customers have the full information on the product creation process and provenance. FADO Go's solution with consensus guidelines, transparency in the marketplace, a traceable ledger of transactions, businesses can avoid counterfeit goods and disputes to a greater extent. Customer reviews can be verified and bad actors can be prevented from editing or erasing review history. Every information will require approval from the network before it can be added to the system, so it is impossible to edit or forge the reviews without the network realizing it and removing them from the system. We will incentivize trustworthy review writing at scale and ensure the authenticity of business with verified stakeholders, quality products and immutable processes, and other solid infrastructure.

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