Use cases & benefits

The FADO token is designed to encourage loyalty from our global shoppers who use our platforms internationally while increasing the distribution and liquidity of the token. With blockchain technology’s help, revenue can be equally shared for all participants based on their contributions and involvements in the network. Meanwhile, the FGT token is designed as a governance token representing voting powers in the ecosystem. FGT holders will shape the future of FADO Go by showing their support/disapproval for upgrades in the ecosystem and deciding the usage of the community treasury. Shoppers will be able to receive rewards with FADO Go if they stake either or both tokens, participate in key governance votes, and pay for goods & services on our shopping platform.

We will constantly build human and financial resources to facilitate the constant growth of FADO Go’s business. Hence, we will be able to implement many incentive programs to enlarge and scale up our ecosystem more widely and globally.

The success of FADO Go in the beginning stage will be decided by FADO tokens through its functionalities as covered in more details below:

Service discount

Earn discounts when using FADO tokens to pay (alongside extra discounts on shipping service). The discount percentage will vary depending on the number of FADO tokens that users opt to stake and their history of using our services. There are tiered levels of the FADO Go customer program and higher levels will unlock more benefits and discounts.

Cross-border payment

Shopping around the world with FADO tokens means customers do not have to worry about currency and payment methods in other countries. Pay with FADO tokens and Fado wallet at any e-commerce platforms partnering with FADO Go. Enjoy our seamless and cost-effective shopping experience with savings on foreign exchange fees, transactional fees, and bank account yearly fees.

Convert FADO Token

Users can convert their FADO tokens for vouchers/gift cards to buy products and use services on the FADO Go platform.

FADO Go community program

  • Give to earn: FADO Go will have a list of gift cards/vouchers that users can use to buy on the FADO Go e-commerce platform or send to other people as gifts. If these gift cards/vouchers are used to buy products on the FADO Go platform, users will receive FADO tokens as a reward and their receivers will get an ample discount.

  • Sign up and earn FADO token: Create an account on FADO Go and receive FADO tokens.

  • Ambassador program: With each new customer introduced to FADO Go, users receive attractive rewards by sharing a referral link to their network and having people use FADO Go services through their link. The reward value will depend on the processed order value.

  • Share to earn: Share FADO Go products and blog to earn ADO tokens.

  • Download mobile apps and add an extension to earn: Download the FADO Go mobile app and add FADO Go extension to their web browser to earn FADO tokens.

Smart rewards program

  • Staking rewards: As investors who are staking, they can earn a minimum of 12% in FADO token rewards annually.

  • Loyalty rewards: As customers use FADO Go services, they will be rewarded based on each single transaction value in a certain amount of FADO tokens. Rewarding tokens will be automatically transferred into the user’s wallet.

  • Earn tokens through business cooperation with FADO Go: Online entrepreneurs can start their own international business by cooperating with FADO Go to build and globalize their highly innovative business and earn FADO tokens as a reward for the FADO Go franchising.

Entertaining earnings

  • Review to earn: Leave a review on the FADO Go platform to receive FADO tokens. Only customers with confirmed purchases can write reviews to avoid fake reviews or seeding from merchants.

  • Play games to earn: Take part in entertaining games and complete everyday tasks to earn FADO tokens.

  • Write blogs to earn bonuses: Share experiences of buying products or using shipping services on FADO Go through writing blogs and posting on the FADO Go website to receive FADO tokens.

Buyers & KOLs Membership

Extensive reward system supported by the revenues generated from buyers, KOLs, brands/vendors, and payment systems in FADO Go’s ecosystem.

Buyers' Membership

KOLs’ Membership

KOLs/Influencers will receive FADO tokens based on their popularity and fans. To move up a tier, KOLs will have their fans locking more FADO tokens.

Brands' Subscription

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