Technology Overview

The following figure illustrates the technology framework of FADO Go:

We are currently using SaaS services from Amazon partners such as Amazon SQS, SES, S3 to help optimize costs in information management and execution of marketing activities, as well as project plans to use other technologies in the future, such as Redshift, Quicksight, Kinesis, Sagemaker, etc.

Besides, Blockchain is a central technology that we want to focus on. In which, we will apply blockchain protocols and build application layers to implement our decentralized vision, i.e Wallets, Multi-chain Assets, Loyalty System, Multi-crypto Integration, Crypto Staking, and finally Cross-chain & DeFi.

Next, IT infrastructure has been implemented by FADO Go, such as Private Cloud Computing, System Monitoring, Network Monitoring, especially Content Delivery Network (CDN) to help distribute content, help bring data to users the fastest, and finally, Storage, which helps the system to store all the data of FADO Go.

Finally, in the Containerized Apps section, which includes technologies such as Database Management System, Web Services, and No SQL that provide a mechanism to store and retrieve modeled data, the Search Engine Service helps customers find products on demand. In addition, the Caching service is a temporary storage service. The system is faster. Similarly, the queue service helps asynchronously handle data, prioritizing important issues first.

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