Fan token issuance with exclusive benefits

The blockchain-enabled fan token integration could promise to unlock micro-contributions from the global followers bases of influencers doing e-commerce. Basically, followers can purchase fan tokens from their favorite KOLs and later can trade fan tokens with other cryptocurrencies. As a result, followers can leverage their tokens to earn certain benefits in relation to their KOLs. This includes the ability to have access to exclusive Fan Club rewards.

As an influencer:

  • Launch your token swiftly via our influencer platform

  • Receive rewards by referring fans

  • Engage fans with our blockchain-powered shopping platform

  • Connect with fans like never before

As a follower:

  • Support the KOLs he/she loves with fan tokens issued by the KOLs

  • Influence Fan Club through fan voting polls

  • Unlock Superfan recognition and win special rewards & privileges

  • Be first to buy limited edition products from KOLs

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