The Solution

When it comes to cross-border e-commerce solutions, there is no “one size fits all” approach. Different companies have entirely different solutions for different countries and markets depending on the number of efforts and resources that they opt to invest suitable to their situation. However, no matter which solution they use - the best solution is profoundly implicated to maximize consumer choice, improve consumer satisfaction, retention, shopping experience, and help grow business. And the first and foremost thing to be considered is that cross-border e-commerce operators shall need to expand on an entry mode to sell abroad without the hassle and offer new ecosystems of service.

During the past years, the COVID crisis has accelerated the shift to online shopping and social e-commerce. Many social media platforms are likely to adopt e-commerce solutions at the same time that traditional e-commerce sites embrace social features. Social commerce combines the convenience of online shopping with the network effects of social media, resulting in a powerful growth driver and is likely to accelerate the convergence between social media and e-commerce. As more e-commerce platforms transition from pureplay to social, it is important to understand the difference between social e-commerce and e-commerce in order to transform e-commerce into full-stack social e-commerce.

For FADO Go to successfully leverage recent advances of technologies capable of solving the high priority issues of the social cross-border e-commerce industry, we fundamentally started to build a recognized brand, find product-market fit, and acquire a robust user base along with continuous technological developments. We have gained ample market validation, so now is the time to move towards a global expansion and an evolution in social cross-border shopping.

FADO Go is set to become an innovative and novel social decentralized ecosystem aimed at cross-border e-commerce consumers. Going forward, the previously-identified problems can be addressed as follows:

pageA cross-border e-commerce platform fully integrated with social technologypageCryptonize the loyalty for shoppers & publishers (KOLs) by FADO TokenpageCryptocurrency payment adoption in cross-border e-commercepageReal-time online shopping with micro-influencers, live selling & international shippingpageFan token issuance with exclusive benefits

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