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International business experience

FADO Go is a project of a major corporation that has built the Top 1 cross-border eCommerce platform in Vietnam and Cambodia successfully. We have invested and run many other lucrative business projects in logistics, international trade, and e-commerce with over 10 years of business experience.

Technology strengths

Our experienced in-house IT team has developed many state-of-the-art systems for plenty of different projects. We take pride in being a pioneer of researching and applying Blockchain technology into our business operations process. FADO Go owns AI and machine learning systems to manage a massive volume of products from multiple global vendors across the globe, with real-time translated information, synchronized pricing, and delivery time. Therefore, our customers are able to instantly experience the entire latest promotions in abroad markets.

Our network of prestigious partners

With a professional partnership with international e-magazine & e-news, media & social networks, local and international associations, governmental agencies, logistics & warehouse systems, FADO Go can attract more sellers or big business partners to join the network and bring more customers with little to no investment in terms of capital or time.

The end-to-end logistics ecosystem

FADO Go is empowered by our overseas warehouses, international transport network service, customs clearance, warehouse fulfillment, first-mile to last-mile delivery services. We provide customers with an all-in-one solution and a competitive price as we are able to eliminate the middlemen’s markups. Our warehouse systems are located in 6 different countries across 4 continents which deliver a seamless cross-border shopping experience without geographical distance and no language barriers. Since we have strategic locations to obtain preferential tariff and shipping cost reductions, our customers can benefit from the best logistics solution at a minimum price.

Marketing expertise

FADO Go has a deep understanding of online and offline marketing in international online trades. Building a prestigious brand and growing customer base is what we are professional at. Our in-house marketing team is competent in many areas such as production, media, content marketing, SEO, and more, thus we can pave the way to expand our customer base to a global scale.

Big Data application

FADO Go utilizes data analysis tools and systems that can provide an overview of customers’ behavior and psychology. From that, we can develop data-driven strategies to boost sales, marketing, and business operations efficiency. Furthermore, we apply Big Data in business operations and logistics services to innovate the cross-border shopping experience for customers.

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