E-commerce & livestreaming technology

FADO Go streamlines cross-border customers purchasing through state-of-the-art technology connecting providers to end consumers. To accomplish this, FADO Go has embraced applications such as AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain and HS Categorization. Thanks to that, it has given us a superior competitive advantage compared to other e-commerce platforms. Therefore, we have pioneered cross-border shopping services by removing trade obstacles and providing a diverse choice of high-quality services at the best price.

Fadogo.io is live now and shoppers can place orders through the platform. In the next stage, we will build an end-to-end live streaming platform with live, on-demand, and video monetization capabilities on top of the existing cross-border e-commerce.

Live streaming platform

The live broadcasting setup requires a variety of live streaming protocols and broadcasting software to bring the live stream to life. Our tools will be available for broadcasters at any level in terms of functionality and cost. Also, FADO Go live streaming platform will be connected with big social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram and enable users to broadcast contents simultaneously and at same time even when they are live streaming on different platforms. This streaming protocol that works behind the scenes to carry videos through the live streaming process is highly technical.

Visual recognition and the smart product display system

The system uses Big Data and AI to identify images and product labels without human involvement. It is easy to recognize objects, people, text, scenes, and activity in images and videos, and detect any inappropriate content with high accuracy and analysis capabilities. These detected attributes are increasingly useful for customers that need to organize and search through millions of images in seconds using metadata tags. Then, it will help to recommend and personalize products as customers' demand or follow the world trend, supporting re-marketing activities to push sales effectively. Over 5 billion products from many countries such as the USA, Germany, UK,..are sold on FADO Go ecommerce site. The information on price, sale, promotion, review, inventory is updated in real-time and precise up to millisecond speed.

Customer support

The system adopts AI like chatbots to respond to customers’ simple questions promptly 24/7 to increase user experience and sales performance. Customers from anywhere in the world can use any messengers at their handles to communicate with us and receive our instant responses.

Warnings of prohibited items

By collecting large data sources for machine learning, the system helps to identify restricted products and dangerous goods to maintain a safe and trustworthy shopping experience. Fado Go’s customers trust that they can always buy with confidence as products offered for sale on our platform are complied with all laws and regulations.

Product price comparison

FADO Go search engine system allows customers to view and compare product prices in different brands and countries to pick the best option. International customers can experience a more rewarding shopping experience acknowledging that they get the best deal.

Price calculator

The FADO Go system can calculate the total price of buying the product including the item price, shipping cost, tax, insurance,...and provide the complete price quotation in a matter of seconds. Customers can easily view the landed cost at check-out without worrying about the incurred cost. Customers can also request quotes from any online shops before making a purchase.

Sale-off notification

Wanting to buy a sale-off product in domestic stores is easy but waiting for a 50% sale-off bargain is no easy deal. That’s why FADO Go develops the sale-off notification function. When a customer wants to buy a product with a particular price at his/her choice, simply click on the “Sale-off notify” button to view the price fluctuation chart over time and choose the best price. We will automatically notify the customer when the chosen product is on sale.

B2B trading/wholesaling

The marketplace for B2B trading on FADO Go platform facilitates product sourcing and purchasing for business owners/retailers. FADO Go attaches the suppliers/ distributors/wholesalers contact information and provides smart contracts which simplify and expedite B2B cooperation in a more secure manner.

HS code to calculate the customs cost

Our HS categorization technology ensures that clients will receive a landing cost at checkout, with no additional charges. To build and improve product classification systems, FADO Go uses Big Data and Machine Learning. To extract and collect data from e-commerce websites, we use statistics and Named Entity Recognition (NER) models. We may then generate big datasets that extract structured attributes from unstructured and varied product data by combining human aid with Machine Learning techniques. The process of matching HS codes is greatly simplified when these features are properly put up as standardized and organized key-value pairs. As a result, the system may use the HS code to calculate the appropriate customs charge.

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