Executive Summary

FADO Go has grown from a small logistic start-up to a leading, fast-growing e-commerce company trusted by millions of customers. We have been working to change the narrative of the global e-commerce market through a seamless unified cross-border shopping system that combines all major e-commerce industry players in one place. Our recent key developments are developing a shopping-to-earn platform on top of our existing cross-border e-commerce with a focus on more high-quality brands, more curated products, and incorporating next-generation blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptocurrency payments as well as tokenized incentives into our conventional package of e-commerce solutions.

The fadogo.io platform currently enables shopping goods from G7 markets (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and shipping goods to over 220 countries with a large selection of up to 5 billion products in a fast, transparent, and frictionless process compared to traditional e-commerce platforms. We constantly deploy social technology Web 3.0 into our current system and improve user social interactions, product personalization, and e-commerce convergence in order to offer global customers the best social shopping experience at the best prices. Unlike successful eBay and Amazon lacking a social sharing aspect that appeals to younger consumers, Facebook failing financial products as a shopping device, or Pinterest acting predominantly as a showroom rather than a marketplace, FADO Go will set up in a different way, with a cross-border e-commerce platform fully social integrated and complemented with shopper-centric incentive design and enhanced post-purchase experience. Our platform will combine live commerce, user-generated content, the use of influencers, frictionless home-delivery/shipping, and community-driven decentralized finance solutions to enable global consumers to shop & earn in crypto across the world.

Alongside conventional payment methods, we introduce two tokens, FADO, the core utility token and FGT, a features/platform governance token for the FADO Go ecosystem, as well as alternative cryptocurrency payment options to bring cutting-edge user experience as well as new benefits to social shoppers and crypto users. The FADO & FGT tokens can be used for loyalty rewards, cashback discounts, platform governance voting, , and other usages. Popular cryptocurrencies would soon be able to be accepted across socially integrated shops around the world, including major e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Costco, etc. while crypto users can enjoy shopping mining, cashback, and express delivery without the hassles of opening accounts and converting digital assets into fiat money to spend there. In particular, we will form a socially engaging community of consumers, micro-influencers and high-profile individuals, good brands, services providers who share the same interest and benefit rather than a platform just for buying.

With FADO, we want to sharpen the future of online shopping toward crypto-commerce and eventually become a SocialFi Commerce Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We innovate a first-of-a-kind decentralized business model designed to encourage community shopping from consumers around the world and reward our platform’s users fairly while increasing the liquidity of the token. Token holders will be our supporters and advocates, creating a global community that self-manages, sustains, and grows bigger in the long term. Each buyer and customer will play an important role in building and strengthening our community and driving the company’s growth.

This whitepaper follows a detailed description of our research, planning, and execution. It aims to demonstrate the current status and future developments of FADO Go in regards to our products, technologies, solutions, and FADO & FGT tokens deployed on multiple blockchain networks. At FADO Go, we are determined to change the whole industry’s perspective that cryptocurrency is evolving into an efficient marketplace where one can easily use cryptocurrency to purchase services and products. Cryptocurrency can be accessible to people for non-investment purposes and can be used as a medium of payment for a diverse assortment of easy-to-use and intuitive products and services, not just for financial speculation. We strive to become the world’s first decentralized social cross-border shopping platform at minimal fees with higher speeds. We want our customers to know that they are shopping with a platform of the future without any boundaries. FADO Go is the next move toward live shopping and the cryptocurrency revolution.

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