The Ecosystem

FADO Go is operating as a part of Miczone Group ( that has a long history of business growth with incredible track-records. Originating from a logistics business in Vietnam, we have made a big impact on the Vietnamese cross-border e-commerce market. We have successfully pioneered cutting-edge cross-border e-commerce platforms & marketplaces to retail users in Vietnam, then expanded our business model to Cambodia. Our motto has been to remove trade barriers in international e-commerce, helping shoppers purchase billions of products easily and directly from all around the globe. Also, we have been a prominent member of VECOM (Vietnam E-commerce Association) and also an authorized partner of Alibaba to support small and medium businesses in Vietnam to export online through

In addition to cross-border e-commerce, we have established a range of business-related to logistics, supply chain, online distribution, export-import as well as digital transformation, forming Miczone Group. Miczone is an open ecosystem operating businesses that bridge between Vietnam and the world. We connect people, products, and experiences on a global platform to businesses and individuals. Miczone’s members are rich-equipped with experience, knowledge, network, and technology that we have gained through our past endeavors to create catalysts for the existing businesses and grow new business opportunities. Our vision is to create a global platform that connects Vietnam with the world by leveraging the latest technology and the Internet to create new markets on a global scale.

FADO Go, being a part of Miczone Group, has a mission to conquer global markets. FADO Go aims to tear down the barriers any online business would face when taking their business internationally. We will be able to assist global consumers to shop from G7 countries and ship their purchases to 220 countries and regions worldwide, encompassing the entire globe with our sales expansion in foreign marketplaces.

Our business has shown continued growth tractions since the inception. The following is a snapshot of some key accomplishments:

Fado Vietnam is a pioneer cross-border e-commerce in Vietnam that provides a full customer-centric experience with our shopping platform that has been tailored to meet the local market needs. Customers in Vietnam are able to access a wobbling 5 billion products listed on major E-Commerce websites around continents. We also handle custom clearance and other bureaucratic processes for importing products to Vietnam on behalf of customers. We encourage thousands of Vietnamese merchants to market and sell their products to the world through our worldwide network of delivery and warehouse around major E-Commerce markets with our expertise in global logistics.

Fado Vietnam's achievements:

  • Top 5 e-commerce site in Vietnam

  • Top 1 cross-border e-commerce platform in Vietnam

  • Revenue: 4.8 million++ USD in 2020

  • Compound annual growth rate: 38% (5YCAGR)

  • 1.5 million++ customers per year

  • Sold over 25 million++ products

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