Cryptonize the loyalty for shoppers & publishers (KOLs) by FADO Token

Cryptocurrencies have slowly been entering the mainstream global financial ecosystem in recent years. They previously were considered to be poorly understood, nascent payment tools, but they quickly are finding favor as digital assets with diverse applications. The surging commercial and consumer interest in cryptocurrencies suggests that early adopters of this digital asset technology are well-placed to foster more loyalty for clients and customers. The global cryptocurrency payments ecosystem is taking shape as well as enabling smooth crypto processing and conversion is crucial for both companies and financial institutions striving to generate lasting customer loyalty.

It's still difficult to support smooth and speedy cryptocurrency payments experiences. However, this is especially evident when it comes to cross-border payments, which are notoriously complex and friction-laden — even when fiat currencies are used. Making cross-border B2B payments via cryptocurrencies could face significant hurdles, but eliminating friction points is key to the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale.

FADO Go will implement customized loyalty rewards, smart discounts, incentive programs, and unique marketing promotions using FADO tokens with real value. Customers are incentivized to buy more and use more services from FADO Go. The FADO cryptocurrency’s rewarding privilege will augment customer acquisition, retention, and buying frequency. Upon joining FADO Go’s customer program, global shoppers will be rewarded for every successful order on the platform. The rewards can then be redeemed for coupons to purchase products. Blockchain technology will transform low-liquidated loyalty points with real buying powers. FADO & FGT tokens will be the backbone of our platform’s ecosystem.

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