Business expansion strategies

Partnership with micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are going to be an integral part of our ongoing strategy. In accordance with current reports, engagement rates of micro-influencers are about 22.2X higher than those of other influencers. Our key objective is to cultivate longer-term relationships with those that regularly yield higher rates of engagement and reach. We anticipate that we will have an actively managed stable of brand ambassadors from the micro-influencer sphere.

Partnership with social integrated retailers/e-commerce platforms for B2C sales

We will integrate APIs of big retailers & e-commerce sites to offer more variety of curated products from G7 countries for customers. By leveraging the buying power of a large group of customers on the FADO Go platform, the wholesale price and bulk price are applied even if a customer orders only one item.

Partnership with distributors/wholesalers/manufacturers for B2B trading

For business trading, FADO Go will partner with distributors/ wholesalers/ manufacturers from G7 countries to give retailers and business owners the most competitive price. FADO Go will also provide distributors contact information if retailers wish to deal at a better price.

E-commerce franchising

FADO Go will provide businesses with an end-to-end social e-commerce platform to be customized with their brand. We can supply their business operations with a full turnkey solution or work with businesses to incorporate any competence from our overseas warehouse systems, logistics networks, and technology infrastructure. The whole business operations and technology system are blockchain-based which can manage the network of business partners easily and effectively. FADO Go will only charge a success fee if business partners would be able to generate revenues and grow their business sufficiently.

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