A cross-border e-commerce platform fully integrated with social technology

Finding a solution that will allow social cross-border e-commerce to function as efficiently and seamlessly as its domestic counterpart is key to adapting to the increasing needs of end-consumers, making them happy, and coming back for more. Full integration of social features with a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce solution developed on Web 3.0 and complemented with shopper-centric design and enhanced post-purchase experience will ensure FADO Go's platform standout in the crowded market. Our platform will combine live e-commerce, user-generated content, the use of influencers, frictionless home-delivery, and shipping options and community-driven decentralized finance solutions so that consumers around the world can shop and earn in cryptocurrency.

Recognizing the opportunity of social innovations in cross-border e-commerce, Fado will work differently toward a communication-based ecosystem where sellers meet customers by creating a trustworthy relationship. Consumers are not using our platform just to purchase products, but they use our social technology to engage with brands at every level of the purchasing journey. Our “hybrid" approach combines social networks, communication platforms, and shopping all in our decentralized social e-commerce. With FADO Go, foreign brands can present anything from content, payment methods, and social interactions to live streaming, personalized e-commerce experience, and customer service. FADO Go will become a whole system where consumers don't only go shop, but gather in online brand communities having specific people and specific products that meet precisely their wishes, interest, and needs. Online brand communities on our platform are especially based on trust and mutual values between the brand and customers - they allow companies to strengthen relationships with customers and involve them in brand co-creation. Further to nurture a vibrant and long-lasting community, we initiate cryptocurrency-based incentivization and gamification to engage members to contribute to discussions and content creation process by allowing them to suggest topics or featuring their key opinions and in return, we reward their good behaviors and contributions. This is a great way to create a loyal customer base and strong binding connections between members in Fado's global ecosystem, making us very unique and unlike other traditional e-commerce platforms.

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